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Wall hanging 001

Wall hanging 001

A decoration, wall hanging craft in the shape of a heart, woven out of rye straw with a chequer pattern. The chequered pattern comprises the background of the wall hanging craft. Two rows of spiral cylindrical braids run around the heart’s circumference. The approx. 1.5 cm wide external cylinder is made using a wide spiral basketweave, and the inner cylinder is made in a tight 1 cm wide spiral basketweave.

The Woven wall hanging craft background applied in a relief manner comprises a composition of two flowers woven using a spiral technique. The two flowers crown long stems with three leaves. The decorative flower composition and the spiral cylinders that surround it are attached to the background using thread. A woven handle is attached to the top of the hanging craft. It also serves a decorative role. Grey cardboard is used as a stiffening element for the back of the background.

Exhibit: Straw wall hanging craft.
Material: rye straw
Dimensions: height 30 cm, width 25 cm
Made in: 1954
Origin: Zawadka, Krosno district
Owner: F. Kotula Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów

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