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Bowl 001

Bowl 001

A vessel in the shape of an upside-down truncated cone. The lip is circumscribed by a type of a rim. The outside features floral and zoomorphic decorative motifs. Inside the bowl, in the middle and lower parts, there is a pattern comprising three, large, stylised green and yellow leaves connected at the bottom. In the upper section, on both sides of the central leaf, there are two small, green birds, facing one another in a static position. There is a round decorative motif comprising a series of brown-grey dots between the birds’ heads. The white glaze has been applied to the entire vessel.

Exhibit: bowl
Materials, technique: ferrous clay, shaped on a potter’s wheel, fired, white glazed; pottery making
Dimensions: height 8.5 cm, lip diameter 21.5 cm, base diameter 9.5 cm
Made in: 1950’s
Origin: Domostawa
Owner: F. Kotula Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów

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