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Hinge 001

Hinge 001

Single-leaf metal strap hinge for timber gateways, gates, in the form of a leaf attached to a timber surface and jambs. Made out of a single flat bar. The hinge leaf is broader towards the barrel seated in an articulated manner on a pin. In three places on the leaf the hinge is wider and forms circular bead-shapes with openings in the centres used to attach the leaf with bolts, rivets or nails. The crowning (end) of the leaf with two exaggerated arch shapes is also a decorative element. A stamp ornament on the leaf part of the hinge – a pattern made up of three parallel bands: notched loops, suns (small flowers), notched loops with the convex side oriented inwards. This exhibit was made in Benbenko’s blacksmith’s workshop in Przeworsk by Karol Benbenek (born in 1948). Decorative area dimensions: 7 cm x 16 cm.

Exhibit: stamp decorated metal hinge
Materials: iron, forging, stamping, blacksmith’s ware
Exhibit dimensions: length 56 cm, width 4 cm
Made in: circa 1970
Origin: Przeworsk
Owner: Museum in Przeworsk The Palace-Park Complex

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