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Headcloth 008

Headcloth 008

A wimple made out of thin home-made cotton fabric. Decorated using whitework, stylised floral motifs along three sides and a geometric pattern along the fourth edge. Two types of large, geometricized flowers with thick stems. Petal interior fill made in hatch stitch. Stylised leaves ending in spirals extend from the stems. Between the large flowers there are capitula with petals filled in with dots. A strip of triangles and a strip of rhombuses arranged from squares run along the edges.

Exhibit: wimple
Materials, technique: home-made cotton fabrics, white thread embroidery, stitches: diagonal cotton fillet, stem stitch, lockstitch
Dimensions: height 266.5 cm, width 75.5 cm
Made in: 19th century
Origin: Odrzykoń
Owner: F. Kotula Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów

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