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Easter egg 002

Easter egg 002

Easter egg, eggshell, featuring patterns made by applying beeswax using a funnel, dyed in red cotton fabric dye. A lengthwise (longitudinal) and transversal (latitudinal) grid was used to make the Easter egg. One oval decorative side features crossed fir branches at the intersection of the grid lines. There are also crossed fir branches on each end. The aforementioned decoration is shown on the second oval decorative side. At the intersection of grid-lines: spliced cane (kędzior) spiral motif repeated four times. Kędzior is an example of an archaic Slav traditional decorative motif used for Easter eggs. Easter egg was made by Helena Rutkowska (born in 1944). Decorative area dimensions: 65 mm x 50 mm.

Exhibit: Wax-decorated Easter egg
Materials, technique: chicken egg, red cotton fabric dye, beeswax, batik
Exhibit dimensions: length 7 cm, width 6 cm
Made in: 2016
Origin: Majdan Sieniawski
Owner: Museum in Przeworsk The Palace-Park Complex

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