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Vase 001

Vase 001

A vessel of a bulbous body which then transposes into a long cylindrical neck flaring out somewhat towards the top. Three rows of fish-scale patterns on the neck. A similar but more elaborate pattern adorns the upper part of the body. It comprises three rows of fish-scale motifs, with various numbers (between one and three) of ornamental spots inside each fish-scale. The upper part of the decoration is finished with a motif comprising diagonal lines. The bottom part features a floral motif reminiscent of three twig branches. There is one such branch under each pair of bottom fish-scales. The vessel is brown with a white slipware pattern.

Exhibit: vase
Materials, technique: ferrous clay, shaped on a potter’s wheel, fired, glazed; pottery-making
Dimensions: height 16 cm, base diameter 9 cm, lip diameter 7.5 cm
Made in: 1950’s
Origin: Jodłowa
Owner: F. Kotula Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów

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