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Bed 001

Bed 001

Timber bed, extendible width-wise, decorated using turned and engraved elements. Due to the opulent decorations, it was known as an “altar rail bed”. The bed headboard (bedhead) is covered in ornaments. Attractively shaped bed legs. There are two recesses in each headboard, from the outside decorated with engravings in the form of a four-petal flower enclosed in a rhombus. The external bedside rail (showing with the bed aligned next to a wall) may be pulled out like a draw and is cut in the form of a wide concave-convex arch. Symmetrical floral flagella on each headboard under the recesses comprises ornamental profiling of the bottom headboard rail. An engraved ornament in the form of a symmetrical floral flagella can also be seen on the front of the decorated side rail. Turned decorative elements include balusters on the corniced headboard tops and two onion-like pinnacles beneath, on either side. Two decorative elements on each rail split the recesses in the form of turned, bulging beads.
A pattern is composed of the shape of both the headboards on the inside and outside, repeated four times. A wild strawberry (?) fruit in the centre, half covered by two oval-shaped leaves (oak fruit, fruit with leaves, pedicels?). Two symmetric flagella twisted spirally extending from the leaves’ meeting point above the fruit into volutes extending all across the headboard. Below there are two, also symmetric, gently twisted, long leaves pointing downward. Decorative area dimensions: 21 cm x 40 cm.

Exhibit: decorated timber bed
Materials, technique: timber, carpentry and joinery
Exhibit dimensions: height 120 cm, width 80 cm, length 190 cm
Made in: 19th/20th century
Origin: Dębów
Owner: Museum in Przeworsk The Palace-Park Complex

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