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Support 002

Support 002

The wooden church of St. Paraskeva in Radruż (a branch of the Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów) has a three-part long layout, consisting of a women's gallery, aisle and sanctuary. Inside, in the gap between the women's gallery and the nave, there is a beam that serves as a support. In its centre, carpentry marks are cut from the bottom, creating a deeply cut, six-pointed rosette, framed on the sides by two shallow circles with whirling rays.

The central rosette is symmetrical, composed of six analogous lanceolate petals inscribed in a circle and radiating from its centre, and six petals on the outer periphery. The side rosettes are asymmetrical, filled with curved lines inscribed in circles and extending from their centres.
Both forms of rosettes represent universal symbols present in many cultures. They are especially popular in the Carpathians. In wooden architecture, they play the role of apotropaic carpentry signs. In the context of the sacrum, they refer to the perfection and infinity of God.

Item: Support (motif: rosettes)
Material, technique: fir beam, bas-relief (concave relief)
Dimensions: beam - height 34 cm, thickness 17 cm; motif - diameter 12 cm (radial rosettes), diameter 18 cm (six-petal rosette)
Time of origin: end of the 16th century
Origin: Radruż
Owner: Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów

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