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Wardrobe 001

Wardrobe 001

The clothes wardrobe from Górki (used in Górki) made by a manor carpenter, Michał Lewicki (1853-1922). It is a wardrobe with single, four-panel hinged doors with a key lock, a drawer at the bottom with a pair of knobs, on low bent legs.

The wardrobe is decorated with bas-relief and lathed elements, painted with brown oil paint, some details highlighted in black. The wardrobe is finished semi-circularly. The cornice is emphasized by chamfering and black paint. Under the cornice are black silhouettes of a pair of bears in an antithetical arrangement. Between them and on both sides, circular black cabochons.

Item: Pogórze clothes wardrobe

Material, technique: coniferous wood, carpentry, lathed and curved elements painted with oil paint

Dimensions: height 206 cm, width 97 cm, depth 41 cm, silhouettes of bears – height 11 cm, width 31.5 cm, depth 2.5 cm

Creation time: the end of the 19th century

Origin: Górki

Owner: The Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok

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