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Chest 007

Chest 007

A dowry chest, in the form of a cuboid mounted on four wheels, closed with a box lock. The lid opens on two hinges. Polychrome surface: in the middle of the lid and on the front wall, two square fields framed by a border, filled with similar motifs, composed of a central, large wreath, framed around by smaller wreaths.

Green square fields are separated by white lines delineating a wide, brown border decorated with palmettes and a checkered pattern. The central motif is a yellow, white and red wreath. It consists of a six-petalled star inscribed in a double circle, decorated with dashes. Smaller wreaths have the form of circles with stars that are framed around rosettes made of a larger white point surrounded by tiny dots.
The composition with wreaths is one of the popular decorative motifs used in the Jawor carpentry centre in the first third of the 20th century. This motif was supposed to refer to the wedding symbolism by referring to the wedding wreaths of the bride and bridesmaid.

Item: Polychrome Dowry Chest (motif: wreaths)
Material, technique: pine wood, carpentry
Dimensions: chest - height 87 cm, width 115 cm, depth 67 cm; motif - height 46.5 cm, width 49.5 cm
Time of origin: 1st third of the 20th century
Origin: Cewków (Stary Dzików Commune)
Owner: Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów

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