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Chest 004

Chest 004

The sarcophagus chest, called this because of the form of the lid with two slopes. The side edges are finished with characteristic pinnacles. Its main structural elements are thick pillars-legs into which horizontal boards are embedded. The legs are cut at the bottom on the inside. The recessed boards are connected in such a way that the lower edge of one is inserted into the groove made in the crest of the other - "tongue and groove". The lid is fixed on pegs in the upper edges of the rear pillar- legs. From the front, there is a lock inside, and a lining is visible on the outside. Inside, on the top right, there are cuts left from the so-called half-box. The chest has a natural dark color of wood, which was probably caused by deliberate fumigation of the wood.

The chest is decorated with engraved shallow geometric patterns. The decoration takes the form of a diagonal grid on the top of the lid. There is an engraving resembling a herringbone on the legs and upper boards of the face. Crosses are carved on the gable walls and side boards of the lid.

Item: sarcophagus chest

Material, technique: beech wood chest with a post and plank structure, made using the carpentry technique, decorated with the woodcarving technique - poring

Dimensions: height 69 cm, width 87 cm, depth 52.5 cm

Creation time: the end of the 19th century

Origin: occurring in the areas inhabited by the Lemkos, comes from Wisłok Dolny

Owner: The Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok

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