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Doorframe 001

Doorframe 001

The plane of the entrance door is distinguished by blue door posts decorated at the edge with a strip of white semicircles with rays highlighted from the inside in light brown, the center of the semicircle is blue. On the blue background, there is a vertical row of floral motifs resembling a three-petal light brown lily with two white leaves coming out from both sides of the circle, and under it a white flagellum with the ends curled inwards (similar to a horizontal letter C). The other edge of the post is painted white.

Item: Lemko shack doorframe

Material, technique: patterns painted with lime and light brown powder paint on the blue background of the door post

Dimensions: not specified

Creation time: copy of a door painting from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Origin: Smolnik

Owner: The Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok

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