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Shirt 012

Shirt 012

A woman's shirt in a design with squares of fabric on the upper part for the arms with long sleeves and a wide, fold-away collar. Vertical opening at the front, originally fastened with a single button at the base of the collar. At the ends of the sleeves, are wide cuffs with a frill. There is a wide crinkle at the collar and cuffs. Lower-quality linen is sewn below half of the height. Rich ornamentation focused on the collar, arm ends and cuffs. These are floral and geometric decorations, patterns in the following colours: red, claret and blue. On the collar, a sequence of rosettes is framed by two repeating patterns. On the shoulders, two rows of floral motifs and two repeating patterns. On the cuffs, a flowering twig is framed by repeating patterns. On the frill, small floral motifs with the edges are finished with a knitted stitch.

A branch design on the shirt cuff consists of a broken blue twig flanked by alternating red and blue flowers and oval red and claret oval leaves. The twig is framed on both sides with a small repeated pattern: blue and red crosses and a red, wavy line. The ornamentation of the shirt represents the Nadsanie Borderland region.

Item: Woman's Shirt (motif: a twig)
Material, technique: linen cloth, hand-sewn, cross-stitch
Dimensions: shirt - length 146 cm, width 65 cm, height 98 cm; motif - height 6 cm
Time of origin: around 1930
Origin: Skolin/Czaplaki (Wielkie Oczy Commune)
Owner: Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów

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