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Vest 001

Vest 001

Women's “łajbyk” made of blue cloth, lined with thick, gray linen cloth, hand sewn and embroidered. Sleeveless, with a round neckline slit at the front, fastened with two hook-and-eyes, with two inside pockets. The back of the “łajbyk” is cut into two tabs (trays) at the bottom.

Around the neck and the opening at the front there is an embroidery strip called "silanka" in the dialect - in pink, another - yellow "silanka", another - red, double "krywulka", another - green "silanka", another - chain in white, pink and yellow. From the middle of the armpit to the pocket, a seven-pointed star in pink, white, yellow and green colors embroidered horizontally, below - seven triangles based on a narrow strip of red embroidery - "koliczek". In four compartments separated by two horizontally arranged embroidery stitches, there are four spiral rosette circles in red, green and yellow, embroidered with "silanka". The compartments are finished with "pączki" - tassels in the following colors: red, pink, green, white. The same embroidery on the other side of the opening creates a specific braid. The inside pockets embroidered with "silanka", "krywulka". The tabs on the back of the łajbyk are finished with the same embroidery as around the neck and at the bottom. Above it three red, two yellow and four pink and white flowers with six petals embroidered. The rosettes on both sides of the clasp are the most interesting.

Item: Lemko women’s vest – „łajbie”, „łaybyk”, „lejbik”

Material, technique: blue factory cloth, gray homespun linen cloth; hand chain embroidery

Dimensions: width 44 cm, depth 50 cm

Creation time: the interwar period

Origin: Komańcza

Owner: The Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok

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