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Corset 004

Corset 004

The corset was part of the festive outfit of girls and young married women. It has a straight cut with a narrow bodice and a wider and straight hem. Originally it was fastened at the front with iron hooks. The edges along both fronts, on the undercuts of the armpits on both sides and along the entire length of the lower edges are embroidered with beads with repeating plant motifs in the form of a flowering twig.

Similar motifs, composed of large blooming six-petalled flowers arranged in a semicircle, framed by smaller flowers, flower buds and green leaves tied with a delicately outlined double branch. The petals of large flowers alternate in colours: white, red, pink, burgundy and blue; smaller flowers in colours: blue, pink, yellow and white.
The design and ornamentation of the corset represent a late stage in the development of this element of the folk costume in the vicinity of Lubaczów.

Item: Corset (motif: a cherry twig)
Material, technique: black velvet, colourful bead embroidery
Dimensions: corset - height 60 cm, length at the bottom 51 cm; motif - height approx. 6 cm
Time of origin: 1940s
Origin: Żmijowiska (Wielkie Oczy Commune)
Owner: Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów

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