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Door 001

Door 001

On the door panel, painted dark brown, there is a motif of three yellow twigs with even leaves on both sides, with a flower made of a white dot surrounded by a pink circle with white dots around it. Radially arranged sprouts separated by twigs with a dotted stem finished with a four-petal flower made of dots. The flowers are arranged in a blue vessel decorated with a stripe of ornaments made of flowers repeated five times made with four pink dots. The vessel is framed with a broken white line.

  • Item: door (door panel) of the Lemko shack
  • Material, technique: patterns painted with powder paints: blue, pink, yellow on a dark brown background obtained from burnt ferruginous clay with a natural binder
  • Dimensions: height 43 cm, width 50 cm
  • Creation time: copy of a door painting from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Origin: Smolnik
  • Owner: The Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok
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